Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Weekend

Life is truly a test of acceptance. It's taken me...well...forever to finally get to the point of just taking life as it comes and enjoying the beautiful memories each day creates. Haley has been the greatest gift I have ever received. I'm in awe of her exuberance.

The Saturday before Easter we attended a local Easter celebration. The event is organized by a long time Peoria family, the Sanchez's. I've had the opportunity to teach a few members of the family and they are a loving family who come together each year to carry on the tradition of their own Dolly Sanchez. What began as a simple neighborhood event has blossomed into an event that is shared by an entire city. We were late leaving the house (suprise, suprise) and when we got to the school parking was...well limited. I managed to maneuver my car into a space (I won't pretend it was a real parking spot) and we ran to the field just in time for the 3 year-olds to storm the field to "hunt" for their Easter candy. My darling daughter, being who she is, didn't want just any candy and only ended up with a few pieces for her basket, but for her, they were the PERFECT prizes. She looked so cute and was so proud of her treasures.

Along with the "hunt" they had some inflatables, crafts, food, and a small petting zoo. Haley had never been on inflatables before and she kind of chickened out. I managed to convince her to go through the obstacle course, but that was it...she wouldn't go into the Winnie the Pooh bounce house without me and since I couldn't go with her she wouldn't go. Outside of the candy, her favorite part of the event was the petting zoo...okay it was my favorite too. They had the cutest little bunnies, a baby duck, an alpaca, some chickens, a pig, some goats, and a goose. Haley's always had a thing for ducks so it was cute to see her actually hold a baby one. She was so excited, she kept saying how soft and yellow he was. It took a while but I convinced her to hold a bunny and she fell in love...I'll admit I'm suprised I didn't cave and go buy one on the way home. They were so soft and cute.

That evening we colored eggs. She didn't have much of a nap, so by the time the coloring festivities came about she was exhausted. She insisted on coloring the eggs herself and did a great job. However, she was SOOOO not in the mood for pictures so while they are priceless...I didn't get a good shot of her showing of her work with a smile.
I'm so grateful this time of year for memories and expriences. The spring is so beautiful and as the world comes to life it reminds me of how blessed we are for the sacrifice of Christ. Thanks to him we have the opportunity to change ourselves and live again. What an amazing gift.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Tuesday afternoon my students had the chance to throw a 1920s theme party. It was a success to say the least. I was so proud of how they assigned characters, decorated the classroom, and even "worked" their part. Not a single student came to class unprepared for the activities. They worked in their committees and pulled off a FABULOUS blow! Days like these always help me recommit to teaching. Thanks to my students for once again astounding me with your creativity...even if you did freak me out at one point!

Date Night

I love Thursday afternoons! Thursday is date night for Haley and me. I decided we needed an evening that was strickly reserved for something fun, and Thursday's seem to be the best day. We've never done something fancy, but whatever we do, we always have fun. Tonight Haley picked Peter Piper Pizza...a classic of course. It's my favorite too, because she loves to climb in the tunnels and go down the "shlide" and I get to sit back and read a few pages of whatever book I'm reading. We eat, play, tease, and always leave with a smile. Tonight when we got home Haley asked if we could play with the camera, so of course I agreed. She called the poses and for about 10 minutes before shower time, we just goofed around in my room with the camera. When we were done she gave me a giant squeeze hug and said, "Thank you for playing games with me. Can I keep you?" Talk about melting Mom's heart. I'm so truly blessed! Here are a few pictures from tonight's "photo shoot."