Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Circle of Life

We are certainly in the midst of the circle of least the creation portion anyway.

Last Monday it was confirmed that SURPRISE! We're pregnant...AGAIN...and due...wait for it...

January 18!  Shock doesn't even begin to describe the feeling.  However, as reality sets in, the fact that we are having another baby become more and more exciting.  I could hardly believe it when the ultrasound tech told me I 19 weeks prego.  I went to the doctor knowing I was pregnant (thank you 5 home pregnancy tests), but I was expecting more of a March/April kind of due date.  Nope...not a chance.  On top of the shockingly clear ultrasound picture featuring a TRUE BABY...not a alien looking creature...the tech determined that we're having a GIRL! Shocker number 2!  I mean come on now...we're talking a Jenkins was a guarantee BOY!  Wrong again...maybe I'm supposed to be learning something here.  Now, on top of having to kick baby planning into overdrive, I now have to change all my blue to pink.  However, I'm truly excited to be getting another girl.  I can't wait!  Bring on the bows, frills, and lace.

Since I didn't really even think I was pregnant, why did I even bother to take a pregnancy test?  Well, I had a couple of dizzy spells in the shower and I've been craving Taco Bell and fruit flavored popsicles.  Honestly, it was supposed to be a joke.  Joke's on me!

In continuing on with our "new life" theme.  We welcomed 4 new (temporary) members to our family this morning.  Daisy had her puppies.  Last night when the kids and I returned from the football game, I knew Daisy was in labor and half expected to be woken up in the middle of the night to tend to the situation. However, she kindly waited until 7:15 this morning before things really got rolling.  At about 7:45 Daisy delivered a healthy chocolate brown pup.  Following that she delivered a stillborn.  That was gross and SCARY.  The third pup born is a runt and Daisy is protective and caring of the pup, but not feeding it, so I am now nourishing the pup with puppy formula using a syringe.  I'm not sure it will survive, but if it does I'm going to be very attached lol.  The fourth arrival is a cutie that looks just like a brown and white spotted cow (super cute). The final pup arrived around 11:30 this morning and is a very interesting black and gray colored cutie.  Three of the four suriviving puppies seem very healthy and Daisy is tending to them like an expert Mom.  I'm hopeful for the runt...
Poor Mama