Friday, September 18, 2009

Introducing...Duke and Daisy

After the tragic loss of both our dogs this last July, we decided to give dog ownership another shot. This time with a less spastic more kid friendly breed, cocker spaniels. Growing up I had a pure black cocker named Missy. She was a delightfully loyal pet for 21 years. She lived for her tennis balls, walks with grandpa, and love from her family. I've been slightly wary about giving the cocker spaniel another go...Missy was just such a wonderful dog I couldn't imagine even another dog of the same breed being as perfect. However, Sean convinced me to give it a go.

So...we've adopted 2 pure bred cocker spaniels. Sean's is a pure black male named Duke. Haley's is a rare blue roan partie female named Daisy. We adopted them from a breeder who allowed us to visit with them until they were old enough to come home. Duke was always the playful one, jumping around seeking attention, while Daisy was perfectly happy just to be held and snuggled. We have since brought them home...things have changed. They are just as adorable as ever, but Duke seems to be the gentle giant snuggler, and Daisy is the playful talker. Both are such a joy. They are truly puppies with all that that entails, but their dispositions are so sweet and loving.

The cats aren't quite sure how to take them. Sugar...well she just tries to ignore them. Simon on the other hand seems to think he needs to be a puppy too. He gets down on the tile and wrestles with them both.

This morning Daisy was extra chatty with me. She's so cute when she "talks," she stretches her neck out like a giraffe and goes to town. Duke just lets her talk and comes over for the inevitable ear scratch.

Here are the cuties!

We're just babies.
Haley and Daisy on the ride home.

Sean and Duke on the ride home.


Mom...he's not sharing.

I found my way what? GET ME DOWN!!!

Hello, I'm talking to you!
I'm serious!
I let Daisy do most of the talking.
Pay attention to me! I'm cute!

Grandparent's Day

Haley is absolutely loving COOP. She's making friends, over coming her shyness, and LEARNING, LEARNING, LEARNING. She's like a little sponge. She comes home everyday with some new found knowledge...or a sweet little song she insists on singing to me at least 10 times while she's in the bathtub. I'm refraining from taking pictures just because she's in the bathtub.
Last Friday was Grandparent's Day in the COOP. The kids baked muffins, poured juice, and showed off their skills to their ever so proud grandparents. Haley was absolutely giddy about the entire experience. She woke up in a fit of giggles she was so excited and then wanted to run my poor mom accross the PHS campus to her classroom to show her off.
Haley introduced her grandma to EVERYONE and even loaned her out to a child whose grandparent wasn't able to attend. My mom was shocked at just how must of a social butterfly her shy little grandaughter has become. I must admit, I'm so proud of her. I'm a little sad that my little baby truly isn't a baby anymore, but I love the independent and strong little girl she's growing into. Poor kid...with mom as they yearbook advisor...there is ALWAYS a camera around.

Making blueberry muffins for grandma

I'm just so cute!
She LOVES her friends.

Is there anything better than story time with Grandma?

The crafts seem to be multiplying...they're taking over my house!

I'm cute and SASSY!

Up above the world so high...

This little ducky can shake her booty...

I'm kind of looking forward to the day she's not quite so comfortable with boys.

She's going to be a Panther Cheerleader...I just know it.

Haley and her best friend Shay!

Haley's favorite COOP teacher Miss Samantha

Haley's Photography

Last week Haley and I visited a friend and while we were there she decided to practice her photography. Here are a few of her artistically interpretive shots. Sometimes I think she could teach my yearbook students a thing or two about creative angles. haha