Friday, July 11, 2008


I am: multitasking (blogging, emailing, folding laundry, packing, cooking, cleaning, grading)
I know: I'm a master at procrastination
I want: to be in a relationship (anyone care to share the name of some good single guys)
I have: a fabulous daughter.
I hate: !!DRAMA!!
I miss: having someone to watch a thunderstorm with.
I fear: losing my daughter
I feel: overwhelmed by my To Do list
I hear: cartoons in the livingroom, Haley fighting with Sam, and the A/C
I smell: Haley's paints
I crave: pancakes and a crushed ice diet pepsi (I think I'm PMSing...cuz I know I'm not pregnant)
I search: GOOGLE
I wonder: if I will ever have enough time to be a GREAT mom
I regret: not having spent more time in hs making friends
I love: my amazing daughter
I care: about my family, my friends, and my students
I always: give hugs and try to encourage people
I am not: very good at "putting myself out there"
I believe: in faith. I wouldn't keep dating if I didn't
I dance: in my living room with Haley, in the car, in my classroom...anywhere I can
I sing: in my car and anywhere Haley decides it's time for a song
I don’t always: return phone calls
I fight: with real emotion!
I write: all the time...maybe someday it will turn into something
I lose: my keys or cell phone often
I win: every arguement, whether I win or not...I'm always heard
I never: go to bed on time
I listen: when people need to talk
I am scared: of being being alone forever
I need: people to communicate with me better
I am happy about: going to Prescott
I tag: Katie, Amber, Ronica, and Marinda