Friday, March 20, 2009

The Diva, Spring Break & Ribbert

This past week has been the lovely reoccurance of Spring Break!!! Much awaited, much needed, and ever entertaining. Haley and I started out last Friday meeting Sean at Famous Sams for haircuts. Haley is very emotional when it comes to haircuts (she gets that from me), so when she says lets get a haircut, we STOP what we're doing and GO! Of course there was a wait before it was her turn to get her hair fact, Sean was done before it was even her turn. While we were waiting she got a hold of my you can see, she's totally ready for her own Myspace/Facebook account! Check out the lady in the background on the second shot...she's trying soooo hard not to bust out laughing at the crazy 4 year old with a camera!

Friday night I slipped out for a couple of hours and got my monthly massage. I left feeling a little sore but the stress was definitely relieved. Saturday, I felt really tired so I decided to lay down and take a nap while Haley was napping. 2 hours later...I felt so much better. The nap was definitely needed and well... much deserved. Sunday was great! Primary went well and I made a pretty delicious roast beef with homemade rolls, etc. Monday, I went to Ikea with my friend Jenny. I felt a little "froggy" but I was totally excited by all the possibilities of the new house. In fact, I spent 2 hours at the new house measuring the kitchen and thinking through the cabinet possibilities. It's going to be awesome!!! By Monday night...I wasn't sounding so hot.
By Tuesday I was not doing well. The stinkin flu decided to kick my trash! That's what I get for slowing down and taking a nap! Well, poor Haley just couldn't understand why my voice sounded so funny. I kept telling her I had a frog in my throat. She kept looking down my throat looking for the frog. We decided the frog was just way to far down there to be seen and was just going to stay there until he decided on his own to hop out. Later she decided the frog in my throat needed a name...she deicided his name should be Ribbert. So, Ribbert has been the main topic of conversation this week. According to Haley, "Ribbert is an obnoxious frog that needs to get out of my throat so mom can talk right again." It's now Friday night, and mom now agrees, "Ribbert is a terribly obnoxious frog that needs to get out of my throat NOW...I have a Primary Activity in the morning."
While Spring Break has not been nearly as productive as I needed it to be, Haley has once again kept the energy alive and kept me laughing ALL week.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bring on the boxes!


Yep, we're moving. We really hadn't planned to move and overall were settling in nicely where we are, but apparently there's more in store for us. One afternoon while I was procrastinating grading I decided to see if I could find out what houses in my area were selling for and I happened across a house that's in my school's neighborhood. It's nearly twice the size of our current house and has A BACKYARD!!! We're very excited...I think I'm more excited than anyone, but that's just because I'm a neat freak and this place has REAL closets and a GARAGE! Haley loves the new house, she's picked out her bedroom and fondly calls it the "red light green light house" because we played red light green light one afternoon while I was stalking it. hahahaha

I'm sad to leave my current ward, calling (never thought I could grow to love being Primary President this quickly), friends, and family, but I know this is the best thing for my family right now. We have room to grow...not that growing is in the near future...but the possibility is there.

The house needs LOTS of LOVE, but I love projects so it's all good. I have plenty to do this summer! Tina's also coming to visit for a few weeks this summer from Holland and now there's plenty of room for us hang out. I just know she'll have some fun ideas for decorating too.

Soooo...bring on the boxes and let the packing begin!!!

IKEA here I come! Moving day will be here before we know it.

If anyone knows of someone looking for a house to rent, we're looking for renters beginning May 1st.