Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Book to Bed

It's the start of the most bitter sweet part of the year I know.  For some, December 31st is the end of the year and the start to something fresh and new.  For's graduation.  The Monday after spring break marks the first day of having to say good bye.  I submit the final pages of the yearbook I supervise.  I begin the process of saying good bye to the graduating class.  Over the past 4 years I've gotten to know 2 young women who have changed my life. 

I've already had to say goodbye to one...she's now a college sophomore and following in my English teaching footsteps.  She's amazing...she's growing into a such a wonderful young woman.  She's ridden a roller coaster and I think she's finally leaving the loops and just coasting on the ever changing elevation.  Her life is anything but smooth, but she's growing, she learning, she's changing.  I love this girl like a daughter and it's been hard to let her go, but a joy to have worked with, sparred with, and even chase up stairs in  heels.

Her sister is almost her polar opposite.  She is my current editor.  She is my go-to-girl when I need a babysitter.  She loves Taco Bell ALMOST as much as I do, and Sonic drinks JUST as much as I do.  She hates confrontation.  She pays attention to detail.  She's chaos organized.  She's kind, considerate, and compasionate.  She's manged to handle me in pre-during-and post pregnancy.  She's a trooper.

The thought of ending this school year and not having another one of these young ladies in the wings is heart breaking.  They both created yearbooks and staffs for me without a single question of why me.  They simply took on the task with grace and determination.  They are unique and wonderful and I'm terribly sad to say goodbye.

Of all the aspects of teaching I love, saying goodbye to my seniors is by far the most difficult.  I allow myself to get attached...which I think is something that makes me a better teacher, but also leaves my heart a little broken. 

For the next 8 weeks, I will work hard to impart my limited knowledge of the world to my seniors and hope and pray that I can provide them with the final pillars to hold up their foundation as they build their lives.  I know I have to say goodbye.  I know it's good to say good bye.  However, saying this particular goodbye will indeed break my heart.

Best of luck my girls! Please send me an update now and then...

My ever present friend...another staff we will begin...ahhh Jostens...

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Katy B. said...

I bet those girls would have sweet words to say about you as well. Thank you for being the teacher, mother, and woman that you are Mandy.:)